Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Fabric Decorative Balls

Fabric is my favorite thing to craft with. Recently, I was on Pinterest and found this idea for my new crafting project . . . and Fell in love! 

Aren't they fabulous!?! I told myself, "Amanda, you are more than capable of doing this" (and yes, I give myself pep talks before all my crafting, partially because most end up being disasters!) So, this Sunday after another fabulous service at my church Solid Rock (check it out!), I went to Craft Warehouse and bought the following supplies:

1. 2.5 yards of fabric in the brown/ivory family - $14.00
2. Varying sizes of styrofoam balls (4"-7") - $12.00
3. 250 Sewing Pins - $2.95

You will also need:
1. A good pair of scissors
2. Something circular you can use to trace
3. Pencil

Step 1: Trace as many circles as possible (approx 7") onto the fabric like so . . .

Step 2: Cut out all of the circles, I would suggest folding the fabric, it will save so much time!

Step 3: Next, fold the circle in half, and tweak the fabric so that it folds out (taking up as much space as possible of the ball), then pin it to the styrofoam ball

Step 4: Continue with this pinning process until the ball is covered, pinning close to one another so that the styrofoam is not visible

 . . .and TA DA! A Masterpiece!!!

I also made a couple brown ones!

And I think I will put them . . . HERE!

I will also take this time to show off my new treasure from Aunt Bee's, an antique desk with keys! I've been eyeing it for a couple months now, and it finally went on sale for $159.00!
Please take note of the super cute window frame I picked up from The Fussy Duck for $20.00!

That is all, what a happy happy Sunday! Now go make some balls! 
Cheers Friends!

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