Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY Divine Branch and Fabric Flowers

Branches. Are fabulous. I love the nature/shabby chic hybrid that seems to be very popular with home decor this past year. Inspirations? Anthropologie & Pottery Barn. There is something so warm and homey about trees, white ceramic pieces and neutral colors. 
Check out my DIY project below . . . Total cost = $5.00!

Step 1: Find a great stick, twig, branch . . .TREE! Go Crazy! :) 

Step 2: Buy 1/2 yard of fun fabric at a craft store,
                     and cut into 1" strips approx 1 foot in length

Step 3: Buy some fun beads (pearls are great)

Step 4: Tie knot at end of fabric strip and begin twisting fabric around the knot, 
                    using a hot glue gun to every time you twist around the knot. 

Step 5: Hot glue beads in center

Step 6: In organized randomness, place your flowers through out the branch

Step 7: Place in a fun vase

Step 7: Find a fun spot in your house to complement your new creation

OKAY ALL . . .  I need your help! Where do I put it? 
My roommates and I are battling with this decision. 

Next to the patio door (please note our new shutters and drapes) . . .

OR . . . 

In our dining room next to the wine rack! 

Please give me your opinions! Comment here or on my facebook! 

Cheers to beautiful branches! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting Spring with STRIPES.

Stripes. Today I went to church at Solid Rock in Portland (amazing . . . check it out here if you are church shopping) and after, went with one of my beautiful friends, Sierra, to Washington Square. Let me tell you, Ladies & Gents . . . stripes are everywhere. I am not being dramatic, which I often am. Pinky promise, stripes are in your near future, I can feel it. The ultra hot trend was in every store I milled through, Forever21, J.Crew and Nordstrom. Jump on the boat.

Here are some ideas to Spruce up your Spring:

J.Crew $39.50
This could turn into this . . .

check out this blog!

I especially love Big Stripes & Little Stripes. . . perfection.

Or are you feeling this striped skirt instead? 

I just bought this skirt . . . and will be pairing with a floral print scarf . . .

$22 at Nordstroms

Finally, how about a merge of my last two blogs? Stripes and Ballet Flats. 


Since its Sunday, I will leave you with a link to my favorite worship song . . .


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ballerinas?! New Trend? Thank the movie Black Swan.

Ballet Flats, Headbands, Leg Warmers, Leotard Inspired Dresses . . . are EVERYWHERE. And I L.o.V.E!!!! I truly wonder if the Black Swan is the culprit behind this fashion explosion? If any of you have not yet seen the movie "Black Swan" I highly recommend it. For anyone over 25 that is. Wait, I'm 24 . . . and yes, there were times I felt too young to watch it. But seriously, take away the awkward sex scenes, and there is a beautiful story of a young ballerina's struggle with mental illness. I really hope its a sweep at the Academy Awards. Natalie Portman, once again, is phenomenal.

Here are some Ballet inspired pieces I am currently obsessed with and want in my closet . . . now. 

The "Ballerina Bun" with a headband is gorgeous and popping up everywhere.

Some ballet inspired shoes . . .


Steve Madden

Leotards with Pants, Skirts and Dresses! 

"pinned" from Pinterest

I have this dress from Forever 21  . . $22.80

This is just for laughs . . .  Jim Carrey and SNL spoof on "Black Swan"

Cheers Friends! 

Monday, January 17, 2011


My Younglife girls came over tonight for crafts! These beautiful girls are so fun and it was so great to watch their creative juices flowing! Tonight, was wonderful, full of laughs and good conversation.I have a huge spot in my heart for DIY projects and especially these girls, so I thought, why not combine the two?! Success. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :) 

Part of the group . . . they have my heart.

The Supplies: Ribbon, Jewels, Bead, Pearls & Fabric

Our Creations! 

My headband

Ally's Braided Bracelet

Now all I ask is this . . . go get all the people near and dear to you . . . 
and have a craft night too! 

Cheers and Blessings! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Boating shoes, more specifically Sperry Top-Siders, are my favorite shoes of all time. I got my first pair, about a year and a half ago, and I couldn't be happier! Comfort, casual and, of course, the most important factor, CUTE. The boating shoe trend has been around for awhile, especially in the New England states, but I predict this spring, it will be the new shoe to have on the west coast. Is it going to mimic the Ugg trend? Who knows, all I know is  . . . I am obsessed, and I highly recommend you check them out! Pick up a pair before everyone else does! They are available really anywhere, but I have noticed they have the best selection of different styles at Nordstroms and the Sperry Top-Sider website. 

And hey, you never know when you will be asked to go on a date sailing
 and now you have the perfect shoes! :) 

My First Pair of Sperrys : Women's Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe $75.00

My Second Pair: Women's Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe $75.00

My soon-to-be next pair, PATENT!  
I need your help . . . Grey or Yellow?!


And check out these GOLD Sperrys. Oh my word. 

Now, this is CUTE. Hopefully, who ever I marry loves these shoes as much as I do. 
If they don't, it might be a deal breaker. Just sayin. :)

Here's to the cutest shoes ever and a great addition to your wardrobe! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Easel, Clock and Ribbon . . . OH MY!

Last week has been cRaZy. I moved into a house with three amazing girls, one armed. Over the holidays, I tweaked my shoulder and neck at work, and am now having to do weeks of physical therapy to be a functioning human again. Let me tell you, moving with only one arm? Horrible. I do not recommend it. Thankfully, I have amazing friends and family.
 If you are reading this . . . THANK YOU.

One of my roommates, Miss Jamie Porter,  also shares my love of blogging and crafting. We are a little nuts together (thank you to my other roommates for putting up with our OCD antics).  One of our projects in the kitchen is documented in her blog . . .
you should check it out!

During all this moving and crafting, I was at a store in Salem, Oregon (Aunt Bee's House) a little slice of shabby chic, vintage heaven and I came across this easel . . .
on sale 10% off now $22.00! 

I brought it home. Jamie freaked out over its cuteness and we decided to float a clock I had lying around from Craft Warehouse for $18.00 

We used brown satin ribbon I picked up from Walmart for $1.50 a spool. 

The ribbon was threaded around the easel like so . . .

 . . . and TA DA! Finished! 

Where to put it?!! Oh . . . PERFECT. 

(sigh). Oh, I love it! Total cost $41.50!

Now go make your own! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Pearls

Look what I came across during my countless hours of blogging and pinteresting . . .

It's a do-it-yourself ruffle tee shirt! Total cost? Approx $8.00 and an hour of time. 

To find out the exact details of how to create this Pearl . . . go to the blog All Things Heart and Home! It's fantastic! I will be making my shirt in  . . . NOW. You should too!  

Once I am finished with the 5 minutes of sewing  (which I'm doing in white and I'm thinking teal ruffles) I would pair it with this . . . 


Want to finish the look? Throw on a pair of these and strut out that door! 

Steve Madden "Russhh" in Nude

Gosh, I want to go make my shirt right now and go somewhere fun! Anyone want to join?! 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year? New Wardrobe.

Two-Thousand & Eleven. Has arrived! I hope you had a better NYE then I did, which was spent in the hospital working. Although, I might be feeling better than some of you this morning :). If you are reading this, clearly you are alive and survived last night (and maybe this morning), which is always a positive. I didn't see any of you at the hospital last night, thank goodness, but then again, I work on the cardiac floor, not the emergency department. But, for now I'm going to cover my eyes and say if I didn't see you, you were not there. Hey, I'm an optimist! I do have 3 pearls of wisdom for you, WATER, SLEEP and maybe, just maybe . . . a breakfast burrito. You might regret it later . . .haha lets be real, no you won't :).

At the beginning of every year, I always evaluate the past year, as I am sure most of you do too. "Was 2010 . . . Great?" "As great as I hoped it would be?"  "What could I have done to make it better?"  Well, Ladies (and maybe some men), I am here to tell you, lets make 2011 better than 2010. Okay? Do I think fashion alone can bring happiness? Absolutely not. I do believe that it can generate some confidence. If you are comfortable in your skin, confidence follows. I hope that everyone, at some point in their life, will be able to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. With confidence (and please don't mistake this for vanity or egotism, as it is a fine line between the three), it can inspire a person to be selfless, passionate and REAL.

I pray this year brings you the confidence to feel beautiful, always.

Below are some New Years resolutions for my . . .  just for fun :) 

Wish List for 2011:

Bow Gloves here
Brown Leather Boots here

Wool Trench here
Gold Sperrys (sigh) here

Boyfriend Watches (especially loving the rose gold) here

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sling Bag here

Cozy Dress here

Blue Gingham Button Up Shirt here

Juicy Couture Chain Headband here
Pink Ribbon Cami Dress here

 . . . Here is to Confidence. 
Inner Beauty. Loving Others. 
& to fabulous shoes. Cheers!