Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Triple Threat: A Surprise Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen. A couple weeks ago, my mom asked me to help her throw my sister, Aneesa, a surprise sweet sixteen party. If anyone remembers what it is like to be a teenager, it takes a lot to keep them entertained and I wanted this party to be E.P.I.C., so naturally, I was hesitant. You know, the normal party planning anxiety we all have . . . "what kind of food are we going to serve?" "What will the theme be?" "Who to invite?" "medium or medium well (haha just kidding)"  . . . but you get the picture. Lots of ideas were up for debate, at first I thought about having it at a comedy club in Portland, but then my mom veto'd that idea because she wanted to keep it in town. Then, I thought . . . what about Northern Lights, the movie theater? But I nixed that one because the girlies should be able to hang out with each other. Finally, my mom said, I just really want to have it at the house. And then . . . LIGHTBULB. 
I said, "Mom, I have a really great idea but you really really have to trust me . . ." 
and so it was decided friends, we would be morphing our garage into an 80's dance club! 

The Birthday Girl!

400 neon balloons, 700 yards of streamers, 2 strobe lights, 6 black lights, 1 disco ball, 1 fog machine
 & a sweet sound system = SUCCESS!
What is an 80's party without Ring Pops and Glow Necklaces?!?!
Gotta have the cupcake tower. A birthday party MUST.
We had a smoothie bar! 
Some of the yummy fresh fruit for the smoothies!
cRaZy girls! 
E.P.I.C. status was achieved. No question.
Some of the guests! 
While the kids are away . . . the "adults" will play!!!

It was such a great party! We ended up having a smoothie bar, a sandwich making station and some salads to complete the meal!  Could not have pulled it off without my amazing friends and momma! Happy Sweet 16 Sister! Love you!
and I love the 80's Babaaaaay!



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