Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Pearls

Look what I came across during my countless hours of blogging and pinteresting . . .

It's a do-it-yourself ruffle tee shirt! Total cost? Approx $8.00 and an hour of time. 

To find out the exact details of how to create this Pearl . . . go to the blog All Things Heart and Home! It's fantastic! I will be making my shirt in  . . . NOW. You should too!  

Once I am finished with the 5 minutes of sewing  (which I'm doing in white and I'm thinking teal ruffles) I would pair it with this . . . 


Want to finish the look? Throw on a pair of these and strut out that door! 

Steve Madden "Russhh" in Nude

Gosh, I want to go make my shirt right now and go somewhere fun! Anyone want to join?! 


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