Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ballerinas?! New Trend? Thank the movie Black Swan.

Ballet Flats, Headbands, Leg Warmers, Leotard Inspired Dresses . . . are EVERYWHERE. And I L.o.V.E!!!! I truly wonder if the Black Swan is the culprit behind this fashion explosion? If any of you have not yet seen the movie "Black Swan" I highly recommend it. For anyone over 25 that is. Wait, I'm 24 . . . and yes, there were times I felt too young to watch it. But seriously, take away the awkward sex scenes, and there is a beautiful story of a young ballerina's struggle with mental illness. I really hope its a sweep at the Academy Awards. Natalie Portman, once again, is phenomenal.

Here are some Ballet inspired pieces I am currently obsessed with and want in my closet . . . now. 

The "Ballerina Bun" with a headband is gorgeous and popping up everywhere.

Some ballet inspired shoes . . .


Steve Madden

Leotards with Pants, Skirts and Dresses! 

"pinned" from Pinterest

I have this dress from Forever 21  . . $22.80

This is just for laughs . . .  Jim Carrey and SNL spoof on "Black Swan"

Cheers Friends! 

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