Monday, January 10, 2011

Easel, Clock and Ribbon . . . OH MY!

Last week has been cRaZy. I moved into a house with three amazing girls, one armed. Over the holidays, I tweaked my shoulder and neck at work, and am now having to do weeks of physical therapy to be a functioning human again. Let me tell you, moving with only one arm? Horrible. I do not recommend it. Thankfully, I have amazing friends and family.
 If you are reading this . . . THANK YOU.

One of my roommates, Miss Jamie Porter,  also shares my love of blogging and crafting. We are a little nuts together (thank you to my other roommates for putting up with our OCD antics).  One of our projects in the kitchen is documented in her blog . . .
you should check it out!

During all this moving and crafting, I was at a store in Salem, Oregon (Aunt Bee's House) a little slice of shabby chic, vintage heaven and I came across this easel . . .
on sale 10% off now $22.00! 

I brought it home. Jamie freaked out over its cuteness and we decided to float a clock I had lying around from Craft Warehouse for $18.00 

We used brown satin ribbon I picked up from Walmart for $1.50 a spool. 

The ribbon was threaded around the easel like so . . .

 . . . and TA DA! Finished! 

Where to put it?!! Oh . . . PERFECT. 

(sigh). Oh, I love it! Total cost $41.50!

Now go make your own! 


  1. That's so pretty!!! I love it!!

  2. amanda, this is truely great!:)
    It's sooo cute!