Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY Divine Branch and Fabric Flowers

Branches. Are fabulous. I love the nature/shabby chic hybrid that seems to be very popular with home decor this past year. Inspirations? Anthropologie & Pottery Barn. There is something so warm and homey about trees, white ceramic pieces and neutral colors. 
Check out my DIY project below . . . Total cost = $5.00!

Step 1: Find a great stick, twig, branch . . .TREE! Go Crazy! :) 

Step 2: Buy 1/2 yard of fun fabric at a craft store,
                     and cut into 1" strips approx 1 foot in length

Step 3: Buy some fun beads (pearls are great)

Step 4: Tie knot at end of fabric strip and begin twisting fabric around the knot, 
                    using a hot glue gun to every time you twist around the knot. 

Step 5: Hot glue beads in center

Step 6: In organized randomness, place your flowers through out the branch

Step 7: Place in a fun vase

Step 7: Find a fun spot in your house to complement your new creation

OKAY ALL . . .  I need your help! Where do I put it? 
My roommates and I are battling with this decision. 

Next to the patio door (please note our new shutters and drapes) . . .

OR . . . 

In our dining room next to the wine rack! 

Please give me your opinions! Comment here or on my facebook! 

Cheers to beautiful branches! 

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